My Family

My family consists of my Mum, my Dad, my three sisters and my twin brother. Including me, that’s seven people. Sometimes that’s okay and it means you nearly always have someone to talk to. The flip side of that is, you always have someone talking to you, or annoying you. I share a room with my brother and that means I have no real place to just chill out and read a book. I mean, there’s no real problem, but everyone needs some alone time right?

My parents are both from Ireland. My Dad was actually born there and my friends think that he has an accent. Because I grew up with him talking to me, I can’t really hear it like they do. All my Dad’s family are in Ireland and I recently flew out and met them for only the second time in my life. On my Mum’s side, she has all her family in Melbourne. We see them most weekends. They are fun and lively. Most of my cousins on my Mum’s side are older than me and two are married. My cousin James lives in London with his girlfriend.

I hope you enjoyed my brief description of my family. I could have gone on for ages, but I probably couldn’t stop. Joe 🙂


I think I am creative because I like to get lots of music and mix it all together. Sometimes I put them onto CDs to listen to. I also like to make movies with cameras or Ipods. I like to build Lego and I make stop gap animations with them. I’ve made a few of them.



Right now I’m on holidays! It’s the best because I don’t have to do homework and I can stay in bed for AGES! I’ve been catching up with all my family, playing outside and pretty much having a great time. What I’m wondering is, what do you do in your holidays?


Hello everyone,

I found this awesome website. It’s called GoAnimate and it is fantastic. You make your very own mini movies. You can make people and get them to talk and walk. All you have to do is sign up (it’s for free) and start making your movies. Here is one I made for this blog. Soo.. what do you do when you’re marooned by Joemp

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

Book Week Celebration!

Once a year, Clairvaux organise a MASSIVE celebration for all the shortlisted children’s books. It is called Book Week. On the Friday, we all get together to perform a dance (in our separate classes) and all have a great time watching everyone. This year the theme was “One World Many Stories”.

First off, the Year1/2’s did a traditional Ugandan dance. They all had headbands and looked fantastic!

Secondly, there were the Preps doing their Hawaiian dance. They were all in their boardies and grass skirts. They were surfing and had (fake!) burning torches.

Then all the Year 3/4 classes jumped onstage and did a story/song about “Diffendoofer” school  by Dr. Suess. They all had wacky costumes and were all really bright and colourful.

Thirdly, the Year 5/6 students did a dance that had Vietnamese ribbon dancers, Irish dancers, Ethiopian dancers, and a Chinese parade including a dragon, and a Greek dance. Then at the end we all danced to “Beautiful People” by Chris Brown with our finger lights.

Lastly, the teachers all had a nuns-only pizza eating contest. In the end, Mr. Flint won. Oh sorry, I meant Ms.Flint.

It was a great day and I (and everyone else) enjoyed Book Week! It was great!

My first post on this blog!
Hello everyone! I’m Joe and this is my first post on this blog. I’m really happy that I’ve got a blog of my own. On  my blog I’m going to post reviews of games, movies, T.V shows and books. I’m also going to make a gallery that YOU can put movies and pictures. I would really appreciate it if you post comments (but not spam). Thanks, Joe! 🙂